Sunday, March 14, 2010


Not sure whether this qualifies as an adventure....a scare...but we'll go with adventure to put a more positive spin on it. ;)
So, since my miscarriage I have patiently been waiting for my 'auntie' to show. Tuesday afternoon I thought the time had finally come. I was actually pretty excited. But within a half hour I had to change clothes and another half hour after that and about 10 minutes after that. After that I finally figured out to have a pad on as well as my tampon. *If this is TMI, veer away from this page now* Around 6 hours, 3 heavy duty pads and 10 super tampons later I made a call to the on call physician at our hospital. He told me this was definitely not normal and that I should get my tail to the ER asap. He suggested going to Castle, since it was closer & because I planned on driving myself. I felt fine, I didn't need an ambulance. I got there and they got me in a bed pretty quickly. The doctors and staff were great. I, of course, answered the same questions about 20 times. They did an exam and an ultrasound. The doctor there called Tripler and they decided that I should head there for a d&c. I should say that they offered me a d&c when I first miscarried but the doctor said she'd rather see if I could pass everything on my own, like I had done the first time. The Castle doctor then told me that since I had lost a good amount of blood already they were going to transport my via ambulance, they didn't want my passing out on the drive over. I am very thankful for that. While waiting for the transport to arrive there were several times I felt about ready to pass out.
I got to Tripler and the doctors there were great too. I waited to be seen by the doc and had a very helpful Murse with me. I tried to sleep, it was after 1 am by this point. The doc finally came into see me and I'm pretty sure I passed out while talking to him. I remember feeling like I was going to puke one second and him saying, 'ma'am can you hear me' the next. They got a little more hurried after that. They did another pelvic exam. And in cam a nurse to have my sign blood transfusion consent forms. BLOOD TRANSFUSION?? That stopped my heart a little. Was I really that bad? Had I lost that much? They explained the necessity, I signed and around 345 I was being wheeled up to surgery. This whole time I wasn't caring about being there alone. I was wishing I were home with my girls, I was hoping everything would go well and that they wouldn't be growing up without a Mommy. That's how scared I got for a minute. When I woke up from surgery and was told everything went well and I'd be fine. I sent up the biggest thank you I ever have in my whole life, after I puked. ;)
I spent an extra night in the hospital than I would have had it just been a d&c and not a blood transfusion as well. I am glad I did. On top of the stress of that I had just started my p90x again. I was so sore on top of being exhausted from the procedure. My nursers in recovery and my doctor were outstanding. Now, I have heard many a horror story about Tripler (or Cripler as some people refer to it) but I have to tell you...every time something has happened or I've been seen there...I've had not an ounce of trouble *knock on wood, just in case*
Everything is good and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a couple of reasons, the most important being that Eric gets to come home early. He should be here tomorrow. I am still very tired and get light headed quite easily. But I am feeling better more and more each day. I have a follow up with the doc in 2 weeks and I'm hoping he'll okay me to start working out again. I don't want to push it...but I also don't want to use it as an excuse to laze about too long.


Layla said...

OMG kimi! I wish I was there to help. I'm so sorry you had to do that all alone. I'll pray for a speedy recovery and don't forget to relax when E gets home. I love Tripler! They handled my mc well too and Violets birth was awesome. Ya know I got pregs right after my D&C....:)

Beth said...

I'm so glad things turned out okay. I can't imagine your fear, especially being there all alone. But I really can't believe that you didn't think about me, being without my best friend, while they were wheeling you to surgery. I'm a little hurt. Hahahahaha.