Thursday, March 25, 2010

La Famiglia

A little update on our family. Not much has been going on here. I had my follow up appointment and everything is going really well. I basically got a clean bill of health. The doc just warned that I would probably get tired more easily since my blood counts are still building back up. Having Eric come home early from CAX was such a blessing. His help in the little things around here gave me the rest I really needed. He is the meglio, the best!
As of now, Eric will be deploying with the unit he moved to in February. So this will be the 3rd year in a row that he'll be gone for 7 months. *sigh* I'm okay with it. To be honest, I'm just glad to know. But we will definitely miss him. Something awful! I am hoping and praying that Skype will be as readily available as it was last deployment. It was such a comfort to the girls and me. I will be buckling down this deployment. No traveling this time, I will be working hard on putting money in savings and on bills so when we do finally leave Hawaii and lose all the COLA and extra we get from 802 housing that it won't be a bother. I am going to be better about taking the girls to the beach and to the pool. We need to enjoy what we have here, while we have it.
One cost we will have to deal with is getting Rye to the orthodontist. Her teeth are very crowded in that mouth of hers and I think she's gonna need to get her palette expanded. Rye is doing really well in school, even if she claims that she hates it. Her math is improving and she's kicking butt in spelling. Her cursive has improved tremendously as well. I wish I had more pictures of her, but she's usually in a crappy, pouty mood or she's outside.

Jo is growing up so fast. She is talking more like a person and less like a toddler all the time. Unfortunately that sometimes means that a whole lot of attitude is included in what she's saying but she's learning.

Jasper is getting big as well. I'm not sure what he'll do when Eric leaves. He is definitely Eric baby, as you can see in the following pics. Rye can be hot & cold with him. Loving him one part of the day, thoroughly annoyed by him later.

I'll leave you with his last picture that Joey took while she was playing with Eric. I heart it, so much.


Heather said...

Super cute pics. They are all getting so big, sucks you aren't coming this year, but it feels so good not to have bills so I totally see staying home and getting stuff paid off. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Layla said...

Loved seeing pics of the fam! Glad to know you'll be spending more time in beautiful HI. Hope the deployment goes quick!