Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mini Bike Time

Joey loves Eric's motorcycle, she calls it the MiniBike, and nothing gets her more excited than hearing the rumble of minibike coming up the driveway. She loves to be out in the garage with Eric when he's wiping down the bike. It's so sweet to see her out there with him, having the 'discussions'.
Here the two of them are wiping down minibike.
She loves to act like she knows just what she's doing
We might have a chopper girl on our hands
Eric got a new head light for the bike. It looks pretty cool. He was a list of a few other things he'd like to get as well, to make it more him.


Heather said...

Wyatt loved working on the dirt bike wiht derek and now when he cleans his truck he is right there 'trying' to help. they are so cute at that age. She is so funny and I can just imagine her doing all that, like see herin my mind and how she would act. Um does that make sense?

Layla said...

too cute!