Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt at our friend Stephanie's (she's in the first picture with Joey).
The kids decorating buckets for the hunt. The men folk were outside hiding eggs.
Rye being super silly
It was pretty hot out on Easter, in the 80s I think. Jo was ready to head home before the hunt started.
All the kids waiting to go outside and hunt for eggs.
Rye was worried about the egg hunt the night before. She didn't want to do it because she thought she wouldn't find any eggs. But she started getting them right off the bat.
Joey finding eggs.
There were three 'golden eggs' to find. They had money and extra candy in them. Joey found one. She was very excited to rub thins in Rye's face. Kids!
The girls and their eggs.
Steph's dog, Cooper. I put this in for Jerry. He loves Cooper!


Heather said...

ahhh looked like fun. MAN 80s it was of course RAINY here. big surprise.

Anonymous said...

great pictures..
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