Friday, April 22, 2011


So we've started Ryelie's orthodontic journey. We had a little trouble at first. They tried the regular bar expander at first but because of the shape and length of her teeth it kept slipping off. I think we replaced it 2 times before they decided to try something new. At first we all thought she was doing something wrong but then other kids in the practice were having the same problems so they came up with something new. They changed her to an expander that it basically a retainer that expands. It has worked great. She can take it out to eat and clean and for me to turn the key. It's been a blessing.
This is her before we started.
This was her teeth after the bar fiasco but before the retainer.
Her first retainer expander, blue with sparkles
We had to get a second retainer made when the first reached it's maximum and started to break. And this is her teeth after the first retainer, when we're first starting with the second.
This is the second retainer, green with sparkles. They said we might have to go through one more before she gets where they want her. These types of expanders take a little bit longer, but it's worth it I think. She's thinking either black or purple with sparkles. She really loves being able to choose the colors.
So that's as far as we've gone. If this second one lasts as long as the first she'll get a new one after a month of using it. Which is about 3 weeks from now. I'll definitely post pics of the new retainer and her teeth at that point. I'm glad I took pictures so I can see the difference. It's hard to notice it in the day to day.


Layla said...

That is so neat! you can tell it's working.

gaddes01 said...

really hope this goes well for her.