Friday, April 22, 2011

New Addition

Well, we're pregnant again. We found out quite a bit ago. Right before Valentine's Day, actually. But I didn't want to post anything and jinx it. Last time left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.
So here is the test...
This is the ultrasound I got at my first appointment at the end of March. I was so nervous before and was so relieved to see the baby's heart beating. To add to the drama I found out a couple weeks before my appointment that my blood has created antibodies that could affect the baby. We are keeping a close eye on things and I have to get blood drawn periodically to do so.
These are two pictures from the ultrasound that I got this week. It wasn't planned but the nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler (which scared me extra because Rye was with me). But she was just looking too high. But I did get more pictures of the wee one. Sadly, it's still too early to see the baby's gender, but we'll get there.

So I'm due October 21st. Right before Joey's 4th birthday. I'm very excited but nervous as well. I sure hope I can handle it all. My next ultrasound is the last day of May. So i'll share more pictures then.

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Layla said...

cute little peanut!