Friday, March 23, 2007


So, I had my paper work appointment today. It was an intersting class. I got my official due date, it's November 2nd, 2007. After I went through the class I had to go give a pee sample and get like 6 tubes of blood taken, "yeah..." (that was sarcasm!) I have my first doctors appointment on the 3rd of April. The nurse told me I was lucky to get one so quickly and she told me that the lady my appointment is with is great, that everyone loves her. So I'm very excited to be going through the first half of my pregnany with a great care giver. We'll get to do a small ultrasound on that appointment. I don't know if I'll get any pictures though, they say it's mostly for measurements. Maybe if this Doc is so great she'll give me a pic anyway. I'll do my best. I also found out that we'll be doing the anatomy ultrasound between 16-20 weeks. I'm really happy about this because:
1) It's really not that far away, just 2 months...and
2) It means it'll be between mid-May and mid-June. So we'll hopefully find out the sex of the baby before we leave here. Not that it will really make any difference. I'm just really excited.
So that about sums up far! I am going to a Women's Conference tonight and tomorrow. I'm very excited and just a little nervous since I won't know anyone there and this is my first time going to one of these things. I saw a pamphlet at our YMCA for this conference and for some reason I just really wanted to go. The speaker is named Angela Thomas and it's titled: When Wallfowers Dance, Becoming a Righteous Woman of Confidence. One of my biggest set backs with my faith is always thinking of what other people think of me. Always worrying if someone thinks I'm weird because of my walk with God. I'm really hoping I can learn somthing at this conference, that I can take something away that will not only strengthen my walk with God but strengthen my confidence so I'm not letting what others think of me dictate how I'm acting.


Beth said...

I have my next appointment on Tuesday, so hopefully I will get some more info. We'll get to hear the heartbeat, and I'll probably ask about ultrasounds and all that. BTW, be prepared for a vaginal probe ultrasound. That is usually what they do when you aren't very far along. Just so you know.

There was an article about Angela Thomas in the latest MomSense magazine (the MOPS mag). She seemed really interesting. You better write about how it was!

Heather said...

((hug)) Kim, I am so very excited for you, and I know that you are just radiant and beaming with life. Have a wonderful time at the conference!! Can't wait to read about how it went! I know you will be such a blessing to the ladies you meet there. Have a great time! -Heather

dani said...

let's just hope the baby isnt 'oblong'. eric might have a coniption fit. im not sure i spelled that right.