Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby's got a brand new dress!

Alright, my brother in law is marrying one of the sweetest girls in the world next October. We're doing everything we can to be there for the wedding. I can't wait!! DaddyMac should be home in time, WOOT! I was at the MCX the other day and I saw this dress. It will be perfect for Seedling on that special day. It's very "fall-ish," it will go great with the wedding colors and it will be just the right size at the time. I had to get it. I know, I know...its over a year away. But what are the chances that there will be another perfect dress. It was the last one, so I got it. Sue me! I actually had to hide it behind a few other dresses for a day till I could go back and get it. I hid it well. My friend, Layla, went to try and find it and could not. Mwah-hahaha! Here are the pictures.

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