Thursday, August 09, 2007

Long time, no blog...

It has been such a long time since I’ve been able to post on here. Even know I’m writing this a week before I’ll actually be able to post it. I feel like part of me has been cut off, not having television, internet and a home phone. It amazes me that it’s taken this long to get it all back. I’m so used to having it done within a week on the mainland that it’s going to take some time to get used to the slower pace here in Hawaii. Actually, this is the only thing I don’t like about the slower pace, not having my media. HaHa! So, instead of writing a bunch of smaller posts I’m going to write three larger ones (I was gonna do just two but I decided with the pictures of the house I’ll need one whole post for that). This first one will be about our day to day stuff, Blossom’s first day of school, the baby’s second ultrasound and DaddyMac’s work schedule, things of that nature. The second will be about bigger events, our trip to Hanauma Bay and Blossom’s 6th birthday. And as I said before, the third will be solely for pics of the new house. So, here is goes with post number one.
Our transition here went rather smoothly. I say rather because we had one little snag with the car. Two days after we got here, I checked online and it said our car was already here. So DaddyMac went and got it and started the process of having it switched over here. Our only moving snag, our car died within a week of getting it. Luckily it happened only a block from our house, instead of in Honolulu where we had just come back from. We thought it might be one thing but it wasn’t and this irritated DaddyMac to no end. He was such a grump for a few days. We took it to the Firestone that is here on base and got it fixed, turns out there was a problem with our distributor, we got ourselves a new one and it’s been smooth sailing since. The day we checked into housing we were offered a house, we went and looked at it the next day and accepted it. That same day we were called and told that our household goods were here and would be able to be delivered two days after we took possession of our home. The movers got everything in within 3 hours (they were great) and we started unpacking our stuff. In about a week we had it all out and set up (even the baby stuff) and we got a few little extra things to make it more comfy for us. We still have a few little things we need to get but we have time. Next subject…Blossom started the 1st grade on August 1st. The first two days she got a little teary eyed when I dropped her off but by the time I picked her up she was all smiles. Her teacher is great and Blossom loves her. It definitely seems a little slower of a pace than Virginia. Where last year she had a ton of home work from day one, here she seems to have maybe a page a day and it seems relatively easy. Though this is only the first week and they could be doing a little review. We’ll see how it goes. Monday she’ll start taking the bus to school, she’s looking forward to it and it’ll be nice not to have to try and work out car details or make her talk all the way down there in the morning. It’s not too far but as I’m getting more uncomfortable as my pregnancy moves along I have a feeling it will feel like 20 miles shortly. Here are a few pics from the first day.
K, I know that second one is sideways....sorry, I don't feel like fixing it right now though. =)
Next, DaddyMac went back to work on Monday and we have barely seen him since. He seems to get more easily frustrated here than back in Virginia. They’re doing a lot of training and more will be coming as they work up to their deployment. He’s gone over this weekend in fact. I guess the most that we can do is enjoy the blocks of time we do have with him. He’ll have a nice leave block end of December, beginning of January…for 3 whole weeks. This will be great as it coincides with Blossom’s Winter Break…yes, she gets 3 weeks off for Christmas! I know the flights would suck, but I kind of wish we could head back to see his family before he deploys, but I don’t see how that’s possible. Anyway…happy thoughts!!
Lastly (but certainly not least,) we were given a second ultrasound when I got here. I guess they like having they’re own measurements to work with. Everything looks great with our little girl. We have again changed our mind concerning the name. I almost don’t want to post about it as it could change again, though there is no way I could not post about it. Though I haven’t been looking for names really since choosing this one and when one does pop in my head it’s very easy to tell myself that we have her name already. As of right now, we’ll be calling her Autumn Josefine. We’ll call her Autumn (obviously) or maybe AJ…that’s up in the air. I really like this name. It’s pretty, it’s not too common but not too out there either. It was on my original list when I first found out I was pregnant but DaddyMac just kind of skimmed past it apparently. So, back to the ultrasound. We have confirmed that it’s a girl, check out the pic below.
We got two more pictures from the u/s, I’m only going to post one of them though. It’s a really great one of her face. The other was another profile picture but it basically looks the same as the last one. From the side she looks like she might have Blossom’s and my nose but from the front it looks like DaddyMac’s….this could be interesting. Here’s the face shot…Well, this is extremely long…so I’ll sign off and start the other one. Ha Ha Ha!

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