Thursday, August 09, 2007

Our house...

K, I'm just going to put a bunch of pictures on here and try to explain. Some of the back rooms I had to take two pictures of so bear with me.
This first picture is of, what is technically, the back of the house, though it's our main entrance.

Next is the technical front of the house. The only person who has used this is the mailman or service men. Eventually we'll spruce it up a little with decorations. We'd like to get an American and a Marine Corps flag out there soon.

Our backyard is next. We are right up against a playground which has been great for Blossom. She's met some kids that she plays out there with all the time. It's really been helping her to be tougher and more independent. Eventually we'll get a swing back here.

This is the view when you walk in our back door. You basically walk into the dining room area. We are currently without a table. Our new table gets delivered on Monday and we gave our old one to a dude DaddyMac works with that was in desperate need. You can see into the kitchen, on the far left you can barely see this huge cupboard we have. We have so much storage in this house, it's crazy.

Here is more of the kitchen. Like I said a while ago, we have no dishwasher, but I am adjusting. Got it on a schedule, most days. I'm working on getting all my small pink kitchenaid appliances. I just ordered some pink mixing bowls. I can't wait to get everything. I'd like to get some pink and white curtains for in here, we'll see.

This area is behind the living room so we've made it the office type area. What's really nice is that from the office area and the living room I can keep an eye on Blossom when she is outside playing. The back wall is basically just windows.

Here is the living room. There is a wall that separates the living room from the kitchen that will be full of all DaddyMac's Marine Corps stuff (plaques, pictures and so on) Through that little window looking area is where that "technical front door" come is the house.

Next are the bathrooms. The first two shots are of the main bathroom right off the hallway. The bathtub in there is great, it is so comfortable. The third short is of the bathroom that is off the master bedroom.

Last, we'll look at the bedrooms. The master is first. To the right of the door is the closet. The bedroom closets take up a whole wall and give lots of storage. Then is Blossom's (there are two shots of her room to give a better view,) her closet is to the right as well, when looking through the door. I think, as of now, she wants blue stripes in her room. We're also looking at some woodland animal things that you can put on the walls. She's still way into animals and dinosaurs. The last two are of what will be Seedling's room. Got her crib and "changing table" set up, I can't wait to get the bedding on it. It's obviously being used for storage as well. We're looking for a full size bed (the mattress in the picture is a friend of ours we borrowed before our stuff came) to put in there for when we have visitors. All my scrap booking stuff is in the closet (to the left of the window) and I've bought a fold up table to keep in there and use. I'd really like to get one of those glider rockers to put in there as well.

Well, there we have it. If there is anything that you'd like to see in more detail maybe I could take a mini video of it and post it. Just let me know.


Beth said...

It is so cute! I hope I get to visit it...someday.... So, how do you like having linoleum everywhere? Is it hard to get used to? How has the weather been there? Better than VA? Your daughter has very eclectic tastes. Hot pink headboard and blue stripes. Skulls, woodland animals, and dinosaurs. She's very well-rounded!

Erin said...

Gosh, Kim, it sounds like everything is going so great for you! I hope my transition is as smooth as yours was.


Heather said...

Wow, you have done such a great job! I love it!

Heather said...

I saw about the quake and I mean hurricane headed your way. Praying for you ((hug)) heather