Sunday, February 17, 2008

More legs

So I got my BabyHawk in the mail. I don't have pictures of it yet but it is awesome. I LOVE IT! With my order I also got another pair of baby legs. They're called Jolly Jills and they've got lil skulls all over them. They're aborable. Here are a few pics. When I get some of the babyhawk, I'll share. It's the most comfortable baby carrier, EVER!This is her after she decided to shimmy down a little.Rye wanted to share the spot light a little so, of course I obliged.
This pic I just had to share cuz I think Joey's face is just too funny.
update: Here is the baby hawk.

1 comment:

ScrapFairy said...

wow those leggings are so cute.
all the pics are adorable of both of them, man i can't wait to see you guys. 6am may be early but you guys are SSOOOOOOO worth it, plus i'l be the first to see you, nahnah. Just kidding.