Thursday, February 28, 2008


Just wanted to share how HOT I'm looking just 4 months after giving birth. Hahahah! Yeah right. I just liked my outfit. My shorts remind me of the ones I used to get from the Goodwill when I was in high school. Old man shorts.
Then I thought I'd show what a difference 7 months makes when it comes to my hair. It has grown out so much. Can't wait to see how long it is by the time Eric gets home.

July 07February 08
I guess you can't really see the length of my hair all that well in that pic so I'll add my profile pic below, it'll be better for that. I just liked how the background of the one above is all blurry.

I just realized something else...I like to tilt my head in pictures. WEIRD!


Beth said...

Pregnancy hormones rock!

And you're beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

wow...i just noticed you look alot like heather!

I love all your pictures..cant wait to see you!

MAMA said...

um hello????? You do look hot!