Monday, September 15, 2008

The Beach @ Bellows

Our friends invited us to the beach on Sunday. Out at the Air Force Station, Bellows. We had such a good time. Rye loved playing in the waves. I could definitely see us spending some more weekends there. They have some great cottages for rent right on the beach too. We migh thave to take advantage of that sometime. Here are some pictures from the day.
Layla & Violet watching the men put up the canopy.

Rye and Maile, ready for the water

Lathering up with the sunblock. Never can be too careful with the Hawaii sun.

Veev's standing and taking in the scenery

Jo doing the same

The play tent and the huge hole the Dad's dug for the girls. The hole was gone by the time we left. The ocean washed it away.
Us girlies playing in the waves.

Eric & Rye after she got knocked under a wave, twice. A few minutes of cuddling with Dad ans she was ready for more.

A little crabby digging a hole out in front of us.
Tired baby. She only ended up having one nap that day.

Both my babies got a little sunburn on their faces. I feel horrible. I got some pics of them today with their pink little cheeks. *sniff sniff* I have added them below. Why is it that something that's so bad for their skin looks so cute on them?

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Heather said...

ahh so cute love all the pics. You are one hot mama there kimi.