Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Stuff

We all know how long and fuzzy Joey's hair is. It is always in her eyes and she's always rubbing them. I bought some little hair clips to pull it back and she does pretty well with them. I think she just looks too cute.

When Eric comes home for lunch it's always fun to watch him and Jo. She loves a man in uniform and loves to mess with his chevrons. She looks for him as soon as she hears the door open.
Show me your tongue now Daddy. I showed you mine.
Silly faces
Walking around with her favorite toy. You can see on one of the sideways videos below that when it gets stuck she gets frustrated pretty easily. It's funny.

"Bye Mom, I'm out of here"
Beth showed a few of Zeke's huricane sites...I thought I'd share our most common. Bean is obsessed with the VCR tapes. Rye was the same way. This is no where near the worst we've had. Last night is was 3 times as bad.


Heather said...

oh my goodness that is so cute. She is so adorable.

Beth said...

Awh. I love Daddy/Baby pictures.

Zeke has the same walker toy. He doesn't play with it much. He is trying to walk a lot more now, though, so maybe we will try it again.

I love that all the baby toys are picked up nice and neat in the bucket, but the vids are all over the place.