Monday, September 08, 2008


So, here is the progression of the living room over the last couple months. We now have everything...I don't have any when it was at it's barest. Just picture it completely empty.
So this first one is after I put together the TV stand.
After we got our TV. Love it!

After we got the carpet.
Now we have the couch. We turned the carpet and we moved the little purple couch back to where my scrap stuff used to be. It now has a home in the hall closet. I love that the couch gives us a little extra seating. We moved the gray carpet back there as well. The couch sticks out a little because we put an end table by the wall. I'd like to find something a little skinnier and a little taller. Maybe a wood tv tray.

Nice right? It's so comfy and cozy. We love spending time in here.

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Heather said...

wow that couch is awesome. Does this mean you aren't scrappin?