Friday, December 12, 2008

What did the Mommy Tomato say... the baby tomato when she was lagging behind? "KETCHUP"
Just what this post is about. Catching you guys up on the pictures I've been taking. They're really only of the family. What else do I have to take photos of? So, I will now share the cuteness of mi familia.
Jo reading her book in the kitchen. She loves these board books.

She carries them with her around the house, looking for just the right spot to plop down and read.

Eric likes to make himself smoothies some mornings. This particular morning Joey wanted a taste. She loved it. Kept wanting more.

The girlsies playing in the living room with their hats.
I just love Jo's grin in this one
My big girl...she could pose infront of the camera for hours
Shady lady

Playing in Rye's room

Trying to lift Rye's toys is her favorite past time
Rye being...well...Rye.
She loves opening these doors on Rye's doll house. She opens them, shoves stuff inside, closes them, opens them again, takes the stuff out and repeats
Giving herself some love
Walking home from the bus stop. Rye had picked her up and was holding her. Joey loved it, for a minute
This was a fun pic I took to document our winter weather in Hawaii. Though we still have warm & sunny days, we also have lots more rainy ones. Yesterday it was raining so bad that Rye's school was cancelled @ 10 am, roads were closed, power went out and yards were flooded. I don't mind the drizzly days, but I could do with out days like yesterday.


Danielle said...

do you actually wear those sunglasses?

rye looks exactly like you in the kisses pic!

Beth said...

Awh! I loved all the pictures!!! Your girls are so cute. You might take forever to post them, but at least you take lots of pictures.

Heather said...

Love all the pics. Love the last one that one came out good

Jinglbells said...

those are cute i lvoe the one of them walking together, i am feeling some basic grey mellow paper with that!