Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pictures with Santa

The Child Development Center on our base held a Santa's Village today. The girls got their pictures with Santa (they're below). Jo had less of a good time with that than Rye did, but I expected no less. Rye also learned to make snowflakes and got a few ornaments to color at home.
We also got Rye's face painted. The lady doing the faces was amazing. Rye's isn't that elaborate but some of the others were crazy, in a good way. We also got to watch a dance & gymastics show from the center on base. Rye is now more determined than ever to have classes. We'll have to see what we can do. Our friends daughter Maile danced too, very cute. So it was a fun morning.

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Heather said...

ahh poor JO. Great pics.