Friday, September 21, 2007

Craft Club

So Rye and I started attending a Craft Club @ her school this last Tuesday. We had a lot of fun and Rye is already wanting the next meeting to be here. It's only twice a month so this might help her with the patience thing a can only hope. Our first project was a zipper pull for her backpack, made with beads. She had so much fun picking beads out and stringing them on. She was also able to make a bracelet for her friend Cheyenne, she loves giving to others. Seems she might have a bit of the gift giving love language. Next meeting we'll be making a night scene picture. We can't wait. Here is a pic of her two crafts.
I also wanted to share this next picture because it is just too cute. She wanted a picture of her with her new snake. It's one of those wooden ones that can move. Cheyenne took the picture. It has since been broken, only a little, but she's still loving it.

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