Sunday, September 16, 2007

Even more pages...

So, I've been a busy lil' bee, doing one or two layouts a day. I started 2 new challenges, color your world and unpubbed. These have really been helping get my creative juices flowing, I've even done a few bigger 12x12 layouts. So, I'll post the bigger layouts first, then I'll post all the new challenge layouts I've done since the last post. If you want to see the pics bigger or just want a way awesome site, here is my profile on SISTV. Just click on the portfolio section and you can see everything bigger.
So, we'll start with the 12x12 layouts I've done.
This next one is my first layout for the color your world challenge. It's titled U leave footprints on my heart.
Next, I used this one for two challenges, both the category stories & the unpubbed challenge. The layout is a take off the one from unpubbed and the topic is from category stories, favorite body part.
These next two are for the one little word challenges, stop & pure.
This last one is for the last this is me challenge, spread the had to date it and write down what you love. I added a few things after I took this picture...I added MARY-BFF and my husband's eyes!


Danielle said...

i LOVE these!!! you are so creative!

Beth said...

I love the All Ryelie one. So adorable.

If I were you...I would write "heart" on the footprint on my heart one. I was momentarily confused by that one... But maybe that's just me. But, even if you just did it small against the edge of the heart.

Anyway. Great pages. I love the belly one too.

Edleen said...

great layouts!!!

i like the lift you did of mine from UnPubbed! so cool :)

Mary (liz) said...

I love the one of Rye oh my gosh!! It is so Awesome!! Plus the one where she is hugging your belly...I always loved your artistic ability!! I could never scrap book.. you are so great. I love you! And who gives a fuck about you changing the name all the time!! I learned that with Rye.. you'll know when you see her.. I still like Josephine.. :o)

Erin said...

I love the "positively" one. How clever.

These are great pages. I should pay you to make me a scrapbook, but then I would have to take pics.