Monday, September 17, 2007

Lil' bit about baby...

First off, I got this adorable little owl to put in the baby's crib. It's about 5-6 inches tall and so plush. It goes perfectly in the corner. Second, I'm going to say something and I'm just gonna share my heart here. I'll be completely honest, I don't know if Autumn is going to be the baby's name. I can't say what her name is going to be for sure until I see her in the hospital. I would appreciate if I didn't get eye rolls or laughter at my expense about this. I guess part of me just thought that I had to have a name picked out before hand. But that's not true. Our child's name is going to have to be one that she (and we) live with for the rest of our lives. There's nothing wrong with me going through thousands of names, if I want to, until I find the one that is absolutely perfect for us.
I can hear some of you saying, "You've made a name sign...," "You've bought letter for the wall...," "You made a scrapbook page about it..." I say to all that, "SO WHAT!!!" All that can be changed...letters can be returned, signs and scrap pages can be remade. It's not like I've had the name tattooed on my a$$ or anything. I could understand all the guff I get for it if she was already here, I'd named her and now I wanted to change it. But she's not and I haven't. When I do finally name her, it WILL be permanent so I want it to be just right.
As my sister told me, I have to be true to myself. And I am just not the kind of person who has a name picked out so far in advance and sticking with it. I like to go through all the possibilities, over and over. That's just who I am and I don't want to change it. Love me for me!
That's it, nothing more. So, next time we talk...please don't sigh at me, make little jokes at my expense...just respect my decision. Thanks.
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Beth said...

*sigh* Kimi, I love you! You know you won't hear a word about this from me. You take as long as you want to figure out her name. I totally hear you on the not knowing the right name until they're born thing. You know we've talked about that....

I <3 U!!!

Scrapdragons said...

Ok I just popped over here from OLW...& I am going to add my two cents even though your don't know

I think you are totally right to wait. It should be a name that fits for you & your baby. I had a friend who did actually change her baby's name after she was home form the hospital because she felt it didn't fit.

So follow your heart & don't listen if people have a negative opinion about it...that is really their problem not yours.

Best wishes for you & your baby.