Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Last year instead of doing numerous resolutions for the new year I chose one word to try and strive for through out the year. Last year I chose the word Commit. I wanted to stick to decisions I'd made or would make. Looking back I didn't do too bad...I obviously stuck to the decision to try for another child. Hahaha!
So the time has come to chose a word for this year. I know I'm a few days late but I have a baby, give me a break. =D This year I have chosen the word PRAYER. With Eric leaving for 6 or 7 months and raising the girls by myself for that time I know I'll be doing a lot of praying. I really want to get back to having time with God everyday. To grow closer to him in those minutes we share everyday. I want to go to him when it's time to make decisions, not think I know it all and can figure it all out...or handle it all on my own. I know that when Eric gets home and we're all in one piece that it'll have been God that got us through this rough time. God needs to be the center of my life, of my family's lives.
I want the peace that comes with being close to Him. All I can do is start and see where it takes me.
So that's my word for the year....what would yours be?

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jinglbells said...

Good word. I bet it will be a good one for you this year. I finally picked my word. It is on my blog.luv ya