Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Late Night

I have so many things buzzing around in my head right now. I had a vanilla frappuccino today so I'm up. Hey, having caffeine only 3 time in 6 weeks is a big deal for me. I'm going good I think. I got to talk to Eric again tonight. It's so nice to hear his voice, even if we're not really talking about anything. I always come to appreciate out relationship when he's away. Not that I don't appreciate it when he's here I do...but when he's gone it tends to hit me what a good relationship we have. We get along so well and we love hanging out together. We work well together on big stuff and small stuff. We make each other laugh. He cracks me up, I can still picture him "hi-yahing" around the living room and I still laugh.
Rye is getting so big. She is Citizen of the Month at school for January. She is so proud. We'll be going to an assembly on Thursday where she'll get a certificate. It's hard for me to remember her when she was little, even when I look at pictures. Makes me want to cherish this time with Joey....even when she's going ballistic all evening because she was in her car seat for a bit earlier in the day.
I'm going in Thursday for an eye exam, getting me some new glasses. Woot! I'm going to have fun picking out a new pair. A little treat for the bills I've paid off so far, plus a bit of a necessity since my prescription may have changed and I need a new one written up even if it hasn't changed to I can get some more contacts. I'm gonna start working out again next week. After Charles leaves. I'm looking forward to it...I need to gain some muscle. I'm down to 125 and I'm kind of bummed. I wanted to stay up in the hopefully working on my guns (or should I say pee shooters?) might up my weight in the long run. I might even try some of Eric's protein powder smoothies.
Alright, I should go lay down, even if I don't sleep. Let me body rest even if my mind isn't going to.

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ScrapFairy said...

I hear ya on the not sleeping, must be something going around. Oh yea caffine, hehee.
It'll be cool to see hwat new glasses you pick out, you did always have such great taste.

And to comment on your last blog post, I agree stay busy, get out with the girls more, not shopping, go to the beach, site seeing, things on the base. see if a routine and see if it helps for the everyday stuff. ANd keep a journal or just a really long letter to eric and send once a week. I found that writing letters about the stupid everyday stuff helped alot, he'll love it too.