Sunday, January 27, 2008

Soooo BIG!


ScrapFairy said...

OK for all theposts I will just write once, cause its 4 am here and I am nto sure I'd say the right thing on the right post.
Wow her poor foot I totally could see the swollenes (is that a wrd?) in both pics. Poor kid.
Love the pics of joey. Wyatt saw it last night on the phone and said, biby joey. oh and saw rye ont he other pic and goes "eye". I love that he knows all the kids even though he doesn't see them all the time.
I know it's hard without eric, just write him alot and I wish we were there with you to help you through it.
Miss yo lots

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures...I can't believe Rye's foot was so big! AND finally congrats on paying off your car. So jealous..I have 1 year and a few months left on my saturn!

Danielle said...

she is super cute!

Heather said...

what a sweety pie!