Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Advice Anyone

I wanted to ask for advice from the wonderful ladies who read this. This weekend I will be totally alone with the girls. Our friend that's been staying with us leaves to join Eric over in Iraq. I just wanted to ask for some advice on scheduling and the little odds and ends that I'm going to be dealing with. I know all of you have kids and have been through deployments before. Are there any tips you all could give me to help the days run smoother?


Layla said...

STAY BUSY!! Go to all the events they have on base, come to my house =) Expect that there will be times that will totally suck but there will be times when you know you can get through it and it will be OK.I tried to think about how lucky I was and how great my life was.

Heather said...

I try to make the most of our mornings...by 3pm...I am a bit burned out, so I don't plan anything for after this time ('cept church stuff). Since Brian won't be home, I am going to draw out the bed time routine so they each get some time with me...Ayden first, Lily, then Anjolie and Brianna. I think it is also important for all of them to have alone time too so that I can rest/read etc in the afternoon. I will still have our schedule, but it will be drawn out since we don't have to wait on daddy....I don't know if this helps or not,when/where is your husband going?

Heather said...

Oooookay, I'm an idiot. If I would have scrolled down a bit, I would have seen that *ahem* he is already gone. Sorry-I'm such a blonde. You know, you always handle your husband being gone so well...I always admired you and Steph for that. How are you doing?