Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last pics of the Trip

Thought I'd post some of the last pics I had on my camera before we left home. Jo loved the front door at my folks house. I think she was so used to seeing all the kids go in and out all day, she wanted to know what was up with it. We had it open a couple times and and she sat at it and would stick her hand out every once in a while and feel the door mat. She was too funny.

Had to put a few crazy hair pics in for good measure. I need to find some more of those like clips, her hair is getting so long that it gets in her eyes and she's always rubbing them.

Heather took some pics of Jo in the bath for me. I had to keep my hands free to grab her as she slid around the tub. =) She did really well, until she stuck her face in the water and scared the crap out of herself. It's pretty funny too, in all the pictures Jo has the washcloth or water splashes strategically placed...nothing's showing hunny.

Those are the last of the older ones, onto the new ones....

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