Monday, October 27, 2008

Pymatuning & Zoo Boo

We had to go see the nasty Pymatuning fish while we were home. No trip is complete without it. I won't show pictures of them again but I'll share some others form the day.
Megs & Benny
Me & my girlies

Rye, Megs & Uncle Benny

Such a babe!
Chiney Chin Chins....hehe

Emily got us tickets for the Zoo Boo at the Erie Zoo. Even though it was super freezing we still had a lot of fun.
This would have been a good picture if Rye didn't have that "I just got high behind the gym" look

Face Painted
Heather, I don't know why but Rye totally reminds me of Colton in this picture. I love it!
My handsome rugged fella & my my sweet baby girl
Argh, Matey! Saavy?
On the carousel, Jo got scared so Eric had to hold her
This was a talking pumpkin that told jokes. Me & Shari

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