Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Okay Heather...I will do this week in my life thing. It may bore you all to sorry. I don't have any pictures to share...I'm on Eric's laptop right now. So yesterday (TUESDAY) I didn't do too much.
I took Rye down to school. Luckily, Eric got a ride into work as it was very rainy all morning. After I dropped Rye off I reparked the car in the front of the school and went by the Book Fair they're having and got Rye a diary and a book. I think went to the Citizenship Assembly. Rye's class was reading a story they wrote about an enormous chocolate bar. Then Jo and I went by the MCX to get a few things. We then went back home and put little Jo down for a nap. Eric came home for lunch. We had a few hours so we watched Iron Man. I loved it. I'm such a sucker for Super Hero movies. There's also a hint at the end that they're might be an Avengers movie in the works...AWESOME!
So we hung out for a while. Then we looked online at some suit options online. Eric needs one for the wedding, that's a whole other story. So after he went back to work I played with Jo until it was time to get Rye. When we got home we worked on her homework and had snacks. We started working on her Bag Buddy (more on that later). I started getting dinner ready while we waited for Eric to get home. We had dinner and hung out and watched some tv. Put the kids to bed, gave Eric a hard time for skipping his "dishes night"...again. Then off to dream land.
That's my fun.
Oh, Jo also turned 11 months today! Such a big girl...she has a new 'face' she does now. I'm trying hard to get it on film (whether it be video or pictures), when I do, I will share.

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Heather said...

Busy busy day. Can't wait to see pics of everyone.