Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mas Projects...

So I had mentioned that I had done a few other projects around the house. I've decided I'll share them on here, even though some of you have seen them via cell phone pictures.
First we have the TastySuite decals I mention in the previous post. Here is the Hello. Here is the Goodbye.
Here are the trees I put up in the playroom and the girls room. I got them from Wall Candy Arts. Actually I got them from Land of Nod but the wall candy site has way more to look at.

I painted this today. The distressed look happened completely by accident. I painted one color, than another over it and didn't like it. Tried to take the whole thing off and ended up with this and decided to go with it. I need to go over the smaller lettering again, make it a little more uniform. It's not great but it turned out okay. I may get the vinyl decal that inspired it next time.
You all remember my big picture of Eric I got last year while he was deployed. You may not have know that it was printed on a contact paper like sheet. I cut out Eric and put him on a piece of cardboard. Made him a bit sturdier. Doodled around him. I figured we needed to get him out again as Eric will be here and gone alot over the next few months before he goes for good. As you can see Jo already likes it.

These are some saying I put over our closets upstairs. I love that we have his and hers I had to do ours.

Some picture I took today while unpacking some of the girls figurines. Here's Jo trying to climb out of the crib. Luckily she only does this once I'm in there.
Playing Peekaboo
Mirror Mirror on my crib...
This is a picture I found last night while switching out picture frames. If I didn't know this was Rye, I wouldn't have known it was her....I'm not sure if that makes sense...but it does to me. I forgot how wavy her hair used to be. Straight as a pin now...


Beth said...

Love all the projects. You are so good!

I can't believe that is Rye! She's so tiny. Do you think she looks like Jo?

Heather said...

I love all the little details around the house, so very cute.
You are so very talented.