Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Tea Time!

Rye's buddy Maile's birthday party was today. She had a real tea party at a tea I don't know what. Anyway. Buck & Layla picked Rye up this morning. The girls got the hair, makeup and nails done. They got to pick out fancy clothes and shoes and have a little tea party. Rye had so much fun. She had to tell me every little detail when she got home. I don't have pics from the actual party but I'll get them from Layla soon. Here are a few pics of her hair and makeup when she got home.
The first two are close ups to show her makeup and the eyebrow glitter.

Rye's fancy up do
The back

Just so you know what kind of girl I'm dealing with now. Yesterday she was playing with Hannah Montana (the imaginary one, of course). And Hannah told her to do what she does best. I asked her what that way and she said, "to be stylish..." Of course, how could I have not known that? You know, with all the crazy, stylish outfits Rye usually picks out. Hehe.


Beth said...

We have a little tea room around here somewhere. Sierra wants to go there sometime. Yeah....someday....
Rye's hair looks SO CUTE up like that.

Heather said...

Her hair looks really cute like that.