Saturday, January 17, 2009

You should feel special..

...instead of watching the two episodes of NCIS I've missed, I will post some pictures from the last month. None of the house. I want to get pictures up on the wall before I do that post. So here are some pictures from December and on...I know there are lots of Jo, but she just changes so much, so quickly & she's so darn expressive. She's such a big girl! First some of the girls and Eric.
I know this picture is really grainy. It was super dark and I had to do some major stuff to it to even see the girls. But I love the way it looks. I love how much Rye loves her sister, even if she goes a little over board sometimes. And I love how lovey Jo can be with Rye. I love seeing her roll up to Rye and turn and sit in her lap.

A random photo of me
Rye showing off her snowflake earrings from Grandma, she loves them.Rye and her Kit doll. She finally got her American Girl doll and already has a list of clothing, accessories and other dolls she wants to get.Nana and Papa got her some Scooby Doo movies for Christmas, which she watches ALL THE TIME, no exaggeration Here's the start of the Joey pics. The girls is a riot!
Just a cute outfit with Pebbles hairdo.

Her face in this picture CRACKS ME UP! This totally sums up her personality. She is like this all day long. This was taken with her little jungle she got for Christmas.
Her in her new kicks and playing with her shape sorter she got from Nana & Papa. She carries it around like a purse.
Sitting in her comfy chair from Grandma and Grandpa. She loves climbing on this thing.
Not sure what was up in this picture.
Kisses for Daddy. These two love to hang out.
Chillin' with Pops
Drinking out of Dad's water bottle. She loved drinking out of his and Rye's so much that we got her a mini one for Christmas.

Just a sweet picture of my sweet, sweet girl.


Scott & Chris said...

Love the new look! Super cute. Scott wants to know if EJ is going with 2/3 on the nest deployment. If so- Scott is going to the same place. Fun, huh? And, yes, we are trying for magic number three before he goes...We'll see how that works out. ;)

Danielle said...

what the heck is up with eric's shirt? he is so into hawaiian shirts?

the pictures are super cute! i am glad you put some up. now do mine! i wish you were here to help me redo my blog

Jinglbells said...

yeah!! so good to see you back on! missed you .How did the move go? love the pics, jo is hilarious!

Heather said...

Thank you for post ing the pics. They are so cute and joey has such a personality. I realyl hope you guys come up she would be so fun to watch and play with in person.

Kimi said...

Dani, that's his only hawaiian shirt. buck gave it to him. He really only wears it around the house..