Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aftermath & Cuteness

So these first pics are the aftermath of Jo pulling her pigtails out that she had in the last post. There are a few other cute shots I added in. Just because she is so adorable.
This is her toward the end of the pics, she gets tired of having her picture taken so quickly.
Seriously Mom?  More pictures?
Hiding behind her doggy.  I absotively posalutely LOVE this picture.  Even with her crazy hair.
Being all angelic like
Hahahaha, that's all I can say.
Eric and the girls the morning he got home.  Rye has her EGA earring on that Daddy brought her.  He brought Jo a pink doggy that is soft and barks, her name is Punky, as in Brewster.  She carries her everywhere.


Heather said...

ahhh i bet they were happy to see daddy! Poor guy looks so tired. Glad he is home.

Danielle said...

ummm hello...he always looks tired...thats why he can fall asleep anywhere...heehee

Danielle said...

i see you have a flip flop line on your feet...*sigh* i miss those!! i cant wait for SUMMER!...your kids are super cute!