Monday, April 06, 2009

Apps and a Movie

My friend, Malinda, and her boys came over on Saturday for appetizers and a movie. While the big kids played out side and in the playroom we watched the 3rd of 4 Nora Roberts movie that Lifetime has been playing. You all know I'm a big fan of Nora's books. This is the second year Lifetime has had their Nora Roberts event. Strangely enough I have not read any of the books they made into movies this year. So I've really been enjoying the movies so far.
Here are 2 pics of the kids. Chucky, Rye & Austin. Check out Jo in the background of the 1st one, hilarious. I let them make funny faces in the second one. boys are so much harder to get photos of than girls. Sheesh

These are some homemade donut holes I made for dessert.  I bought a Fry Daddy just for the occasion.  I've made them about 4 times since Saturday.  Haha.  They're just refrigerated buttermilk biscuits, quartered and rolled into balls, then rolled in cinnamon sugar.  They are AWESOME.
Hot Pizza dip I made. It turned out kinda watery cuz I had to use spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce. It was super yummy.
Buffalo Chicken Dip. Thanks to my sister in law, Michelle, for this recipe. It was so good. I made it again the next day.
I prolly should have taken the pictures before we dug into them.  Next time.
edited: because my sister has to point out every small miss-spelling, even though she knows what it means.


Heather said...

ooh yummy, you need to post the buffalo dip recipe. We will totally try it.

Beth said...

Umm...what's a sister in lay?