Friday, April 10, 2009

Super Park

I've been taking Jo to this big park on base in the mornings. It's nice for her to get some fresh air and it helps stave off the boredom. Just thought I'd share a few pics from our recent trip there.
Getting ready to go. Grabbing a quick bite to munch on the way. She had to wear Rye's hat out. She put it on herself. She loves it.

She loves trying to open the door herself.  Check out that look of concentration in the reflection.  She even shoved a waffle in her mouth to free up her hand.

No hat while at the park, that's strictly for traveling.  It's all about the accessories baby.

She loves the slides and sticking out her tongue.  She's always doing this.  It cracks me up.
Playing 'I see you' with me.
Making a little music while sipping on some milk.  That's what Opree calls multi-tasking.
Dancing her way over to the swings.  She loves these too.  Though after the first day she tends to get in then wants right out.  
She found this bridge at the end.  Scares the bugeezus out of me.

She's so smart she already knows how to use an abacus.  
There they are.  Not much else going on here.  Just counting down the days until Eric comes home.


Heather said...

Ahh she looks like she is having fun. Great park. And I love how she is so serious with everything she does.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!! She is getting so old...and her hair is really filling in. That park looks great too! That will be a stop while I'm out there (hopefully)


Oh~love her shoes!!

Beth said...

She is getting so big! Only two months 'til we get to see you!! I love the "dancing to the swings" picture.