Sunday, July 09, 2006

Semi-Star Like Sighting

So, I have this way of seeing half-stars, I guess you'd call them. I once saw Tom Skeritt (wrong spelling probably) and I only knew who he was since my sister had a crush on some dude from Picket Fences, which Tom happened to be on. Oh, and he was on Space Camp...great movie. But he was a 'star' way back when. Thanks Mary for making me go say hi to him with you, how embarrassing. Today was cool though. On the was back from Marineland (Canada's Sea World) we stopped at McDonalds for a bite and saw one of the guys from Ultimate Fighter 3! It was so cool. I was walking up to the line and my jaw just dropped, then Mr.Wonder was like, "Hey" and shook the guys hand. Seemed like he was in a hurry. Anyway, for those that watch, it was Matt the deaf kid. I mean, no one else seemed to know who he was, maybe I'm and uber geek for liking UF3...but to me, it made my day, Mr.Wonder's too. I know they're just people too, but it's weird all the same. Just thought I"d share my geekiness.


dani said...

i think rick would be jealous. he loves that stuff too

Heather said... would make my day!

dani said...

in the part about your sister having a crush on someone in the show...were you talking about me?

MrsWndr said...

yes dani, i was talking about you.