Saturday, July 22, 2006

Prayer Request

Mr.Wonder and I have been talking about him joining a fast company this last year we're here so he can get some experience being a Platoon Sgt before going back to the fleet. There's a group going through their school right now, stationed out of Norfolk, who need a Platoon Sgt for their upcoming deployment in November. His Captain asked if anyone wanted to do it and Eric volunteered, his Capt. said, "Yeah, right." Meaning they don't want to let him go. Please say a prayer that this could happen for him. Yeah, it'll suck not having him around for the 6 months, but it'll give him the experience he needs and it'll be better for his career in the long run. HIs company isn't thinking about what's best for his career, only what'll make this next year easiest on them (why else wouldn't they let him lat move to intel or leave here this summer?). I know his Captain likes working with him, but say a prayer he'll start thinking what's best for Mr.Wonder, not him. Thanks guys.

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Heather said...

I will be praying for him. You are right...the needs of the "cream-corn" always comes before the needs of anyone else. Fast company...very-very challenging, I will pray fervently for the Lord's I know you are as well. Can't he do a "B" billet?