Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lake Erie

Another thing we always do when we visit (weather permitting) is taking in a day at the beach. I still find it a little wierd that this beach is for a lake and not the ocean. But it seriously looks like an ocean beach. We took WonderKid down there twice with Greg and Michelle and had such a good time. (note to Michelle: I'm going to email those pics of you and Emmalyn to you today). Mr.Wonder and I later went two days in a row and just layed out while WonderKid was at her day camp. That was equally as nice. There were lots of the hoochie patrol there, as I like to call them. Girls that are too young to be wearing what they were wearing. Lots of old, super tanned man that obviously hit the beach when ever they can, some even bring their boom box and a sandwich for lunch. But my favorite was the 70 year old man in a wig, a red flowered speedo, white socks and sneakers. I think one of my favorite things to do when I go places is people watch. There are so many varieties out there. And at Lake Erie it is no different. I like to make up stories about them in my head. Wonder about what they've gone through, where they've been. And to answer the question that is zipping through your heads right now, "Yes, I am a little weird myself."


Michelle said...

Oh the guy with the boombox, how could we forget. I also enjoyed the abercombie men!! We had a lot of fun w/you guys!! Hope to do it again soon! PS....give Ryelie the organic milk :0)

Heather said...

LOL Priceless!!!! Love the speedo men cough cough GAG!

Heather said...

Kim you make me laugh...I always have this little question in my mind about myself I really normal or just a little too in touch with myself. I'm def. a weirdo I guess ;)