Monday, July 31, 2006

Good times...

So, my Mom left yesterday after spending a week with us. It was nice having her here. It's been a really long time since I've had any time 'alone' with her. We went to the beach, the pool, out to eat and I took her up to the Jamestown Settlement. I guess that's where my Dad proposed to her, so how could I NOT take her. It was kind of cool, we'll probably take Mr.Wonder's parents up there at some point too. She taught me how to knit, at least he beginnings of it. We'll see if I keep practicing on it. WonderKid loved having her here. I was a little worried. She's great with Mr.Wonder's parents because she sees them more, I was very worried about it. But she was great. She was very excited about having her here and missed her when she was gone. They had some fun playing, probably wore my Mom out. =)
Overall, it was a great visit and I'm really glad that she came. Now I just have to wait through the month that Mr.Wonder is gone till Heather comes to visit me. Hurry up Heather!!!

sidenote: Mr.Wonder will not be joining the fast company. They're sending someone else. He seems fine with it, so I am too. I'm glad I won't have to say good bye for 6 months. He'll be trying to get the chance to go to Platoon Sgt's course though. He really wants to get some type of experience before going back to the fleet. Just thought I'd keep you posted.

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Heather said...

It is always good catching up with you!! I am relieved Eric did not go to fast company :) Sorry, I just know someone who used to do that and he was gone quite a bit and did some VERY VERY dangerous things. :)