Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Scrap Page

Well, I've had this page planned out for a while. I've tweaked it a little and added a little to make it a two page layout instead of just one page. The page on the left has a bunch of old wives tales and what they predict that we're having. The right, the predictions of family members. Obviously the tales and predictions were printed on the color paper that corresponds with gender (pink for girl, blue for boy). I think it turned out pretty well and it will be a great addition to the baby's scrapbook (though I haven't gotten around to buying that yet, even though I have a whole list of pages I want to do for it). I wanted to get it done before Monday, when we (hopefully) find out what we're having.
Looking at it now, I probably should have been smiling in that picture. I didn't realize that my face would be in it. Oh well...we'll call it a moment of deep thought. ;)

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ScrapFairy said...

This turned out great. Can't wait to see some more.