Friday, June 15, 2007


I just had to post these pics of WonderRye. She is such a ham and so beautiful, inside and out. She's trying to toughen up and be more obedient and we couldn't be more proud. She also is trying new foods!! This is huge for her. She now takes bites of whatever we're having for dinner. We're still working on the gagging noises and icky faces, but we've come a long way.
Tell me she isn't the prettiest thing in the whole wide world! I know you can't really see it, but those are hearts, start and skulls on the shirt. She loves doing the skull stuff, especially since Daddy is so into the skull stuff. Anything to be like Daddy! They've been inseparable since he came home on Monday. It's a beautiful thing to see.


Layla said...

What a babe!

Danielle said...

she is such a poser! but gorgious (sp?)

ScrapFairy said...

Ahh she is so sweet. Hi Rye, miss and love you.
Aunt Heather

Heather said...

Beautiful...yes. (((hug))Heather