Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Father's Love...

DaddyMac loves his baby girl and he can't wait to have another. Most Dad's want a little boy to carry on the name, or what not...but not my man. He loves his girls and he totally has the heart for it. He's been ready for a girl since before Blossom was born. When I was pregnant with her we were at my Mom's visiting. I was sitting on the couch with a few of my sisters and one of them leans over and whispers, "You so need to have a little girl." I look over and there is DaddyMac trying to braid the hair of a Barbie doll while one of my nieces watched. It was the cutest thing you have ever seen. I knew then he would be the BEST Dad!
We've taken many a road trip since Blossom was born and on the last few she's complained about her rear hurting after the hours of driving. DaddyMac remembered this little tidbit and decided that she needed a custom made pillow for her booster seat for our ride up to the fams next week. So he made her a little pillow last night out of some memory foam and a couple of his old cami blouses. Pretty much all by himself...I helped with a little bit of sewing but he planned it all out. Not a lot of men would go to this trouble, they'd just tell the kid to suck it up, stuff like that. Not DaddyMac...he can't stand the thought of his little girluncomfortable for so long a period of time.
We picked her up from the birthday party she was at and showed her the pillow, she sat right down on it. She loves it!! I heard her in the shower this morning. DaddyMac had gone in to wash her hair and she said, "I really like that pillow you made me Daddy." He says, "Oh yeah? You like that?" I could just hear in his voice the pride and the joy that he made her happy, that he took care of his little girl. He has such a giving and loving heart. I have to be the luckiest woman in the world to have him and her.


Danielle said...

ahh makes me want to cry

Layla said...

That is sooo cute. I'm counting the days till you guys are here!!