Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eric's New Toy

So, I mentioned that one of Eric's friends is gonna bunk with us for a bit. He brought his XBOX 360 with him, which Eric is stoked about. They stayed up until almost 4 am this morning playing. I was planning on getting Eric one for his coming home gift when he returns from deployment. I was going to get the game Guitar Hero to go with it. Eric played it with his friend, Jon, and loved it. Well, since we have a 360 console here to use until he leaves, I got him the Guitar Hero a little early, as a little surprise. I love surprising him with gifts here and there, just goes with my love language, I can't help it. I also reserved him the new edition of it that comes out soon, we'll get it with another guitar so that he can have friends over to play. Hahahah! I sound like I'm talking about a young son, not my 30 year old husband. I thought I'd post a couple of pics of him enjoying the new toy, you know I had to take some to do a scrap page, eventually, since you know he'll be playing it non-stop.
ps...Michelle~if and when you guys come and visit, be prepared. I have a feeling Greg would LOVE this game and those two will be all over it.

side note: I can obviously post pics on here now. I'm going to wait to do those belly pics tomorrow since I have my appointment. Then I'll just do it all in one post. Cool? Cool!

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ScrapFairy said...

Man I miss a couple days of checking on your blog (due to 13 yo playing on the 'puter every second he can) and I miss so much stuff, but I caught up.
Man that rock star sb set would go perfect with eric's new toy. He looks like he's having fun.
Can't wait to see the new belly pics. Oh and I love allt hat pink stuff. YOu need to hit all the stores pink is everywhere right now for breast cancer awar. month. Get it why you can.
Love and miss you.
PS. and i'll say a littel prayer for the baby to come a little early and 38 lbs isn't bad at all girl. good for you i gained 50 with all the boys (mmm love my food!!)