Friday, October 12, 2007

New Stuff

So, I got a couple of new things today...yeah! First was this beautiful addition to my pink kitchen collection (though it's not kitchen aid). I happened upon it on a trip to the HUGE A$$ Pearl Harbor NEX...and I HAD to get it, I'm sure you understand. ;)
Next, I saw this crib bedding @ WalMart last week...I went back to see if they had it today, assuming they wouldn't because that's just how my luck runs usually. They had moved it so it took me a bit to find it but, it was there, WOOT! I had tried to find it online, but the only place I saw it was on Ebay and they all said it was hard to find and that wasn't even the pink style, not a peep about this baby, so I knew it was quite a find. You all know that I am totally into the RainForest collection from Fisher-Price. They had this bedding in the regular colors of the collection but when I saw that they had it in PINK, I had to act. I obviously won't be needing the comforter for warmth, so I'm going to hang that on the wall. I know I already have a bumper and crib skirt but I have been in contact with the nice people from BabiesRUs and they said I could return it and put it toward another purchase. I'm thinking I might put it toward this bad boy. It's relatively new or it would have been on my registry from the beginning. I thought of just using my playard in the room, but it might be a little too bulky. Not sure yet. I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed with this collection. That was one reason I thought this little chica was going to be a boy...all I wanted to look at was this collection or anything green or orange.
So that's about it in my not-so exciting life. Waiting for Eric to get back on Sunday and trying to keep Rye in a good mood (her friend went on an unexpected trip to the big island and she's been left without a play mate over the long weekend). I'm doing alright, pregnancy-wise. Getting more uncomfortable, but that's life. I'm resigned to the fact that if I follow the trend I will be late having her like everyone else I know who has had babies in the last month. Not one early birth among the 4 people I know who've given birth since September. I've been having a some contractions, some that hurt and others that just leave me short of breath. Nothing major. Sleeping has sucked, especially last night when the power went out for like 2 hours. Not a breeze to come in through the was so quiet I wanted to SCREAM! It got so hot...let's hope that's not a trend. Anyway, I'm beginning to ramble...I'll check back in soon enough, I'm sure. Later all!


Amy said...

That bedding is adorable!

Thanks for stopping by my cooking blog. I liked the chicken better baked, but it was OK in the crockpot.

Best wishes with the new baby! :)

Ashleigh said...

Hi Kim--popping over here to reply to your question about Heather. :) We've known them since before Brianna was born and I was a teenager, in 29 Palms. I actually met you one year when you and your daughter went to a Mother-daughter luncheon at our church... we all sat together. I even have a picture of you and your daughter from that day. :) I've kept up with you every so often via your old blog, but didn't even know you were expecting another baby. Congrats! My second is due on the 31st. :)

ScrapFairy said...

ahhh kimi it is all so cute. Love that bedding.

Liz said...

I sometimes don't like reading these they make my cry... I get sad cuz I wish I could be colser to you so I could just come over and hang out...uggg!!! One day.. I love you Kimmer.