Thursday, October 18, 2007

What's the haps, yo?!

Alrighty...what's been going on with us? Nothing too crazy, I haven't been on the computer all that much, not that I've been busy doing other stuff, just haven't been on much.
We're getting ready for Halloween, not decorating so much but getting costume's together. Rye is going to be Tinkerbell. We're just waiting on her shoes to come. We've got the outfit, some glitter spray for her hair and body and we also got a little bag that we're putting star confetti in to be her fairy dust (Eric's idea). She is so excited for Halloween to come. Eric is excited as well...I'm not sure why but this year he became obsessed with dressing up. At first he wanted to be Ricky Bobby but he could not find a nice enough costume. So now he is being the Ghost Rider, his only disappointment is that he cannot set his head on fire for the full effect. He has decided that this will be something that he'll be year after year (I think this was just his way of explaining spending more $$ on the costume). ;) We haven't decided if he'll pass out candy or walk Rye around. Should be an interesting night though.
I will be 38 weeks tomorrow. I think the baby has dropped (so does Eric) but there is no way for me to be totally sure. I have an appointment on Monday, so I'll fill you in then. I can tell you that I have gained 38 lbs so far, I'm not at all sure how I feel about this. Things are getting much more uncomfortable and I have been having several relatively strong contractions a night, but they don't go anywhere past that. Maybe you could say a prayer that she'll come sooner rather than later...not for me, I can handle the discomfort a few more weeks (maybe not the stretch marks though, hahha,) but for Eric. He found out yesterday that he WILL be going to CAX, only a little late. The company will go on 28 October, he'll join them on 9 November. I'd really love if he was able to spend some time with the baby before he goes. Any tips on how to get this thing going? So, I had a 38 week pic I was going to post but I'm having some trouble uploading pics on here right now. Soon as it's fixed I will post them.
I was given a surprise baby shower last Saturday. It was an actual surprise (I ususally figure these things out, I must be off my game) and a real treat. I am so thankful to have a friend like Layla here who would go out of their way to do this for me. I have pics from that as well, so I'll post them when I can. I must warn you though, seeing as it was an actual surprise to me, I look like shizz in most of the pics. Sorry!
Only other thing that's going on is that one of Eric's friends is going to move in with us till they leave for Iraq (early next year). He'll really only be here a month or so, they have CAX till end of November then they have leave (which he'll be out of town for) end of December and early January. He's a really nice guy and he's going through some tuff stuff. I'm glad we're able to help him out. Not that we're not pretty lucky in all this though. He's selling us his huge sectional for a very good price. And we get to use his 50" TV and entertainment center till he gets back since it won't fit in his storage unit. Sweet deal, yeah? Of course we'd help him out without the added stuff, I'm just glad we can.
That's about it from the Aloha State. Now I gotta walk down tot he commissary and get some stuff for dinner tonight...BLTs...mmmmmm

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