Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Pink Wish List...

You all know that I've been collecting pink things for my kitchen. I was going to say appliances but someone though I meant a stove or fridge when I said it that way...I have several things from KitchenAid and one thing from Cuisinart. I decided to look on the Cuisinart website to see if they have other pink things, other than that gorgeous coffee maker I got (which we are loving, btw. Even Eric is into using, despite the fact that it's pink). I am so happy I looked on there. I was planning on getting a toaster from KitchenAid but turns out they only have a 2 slice toaster, but Cuisinart has a 4 slice one. Yeah! I'm also glad we found it as the toaster we have now has gone kaput on one side. Here is the pretty thing...ain't it great?!
I also found on there this great popcorn maker that I will be getting at some point, I swear. I'm really hoping these aren't just for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I can't wait to get my hands on them. I think they will be my treats for paying off bills when Eric is away. I can't wait to get started...but I can wait for him to leave. I'm going to miss him tremendously.
There are also various small things that are still @ KitchenAid that I want to get. I couldn't save the pictures for them or I'd show you. I'd like the hand mixer. There's a utensil crock, a knife block w/ 4 knives, some cutting boards...smaller stuff. I think I have most of the big stuff. Oh, I eventually want the blender too, but that's last on the list since we have a perfectly nice one right now.
Just thought I'd share my findings. I can't help it. I love pink!

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