Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cleaning out the Camera

Emptying out my camera today, so I thought I'd upload pictures from the last few weeks.
Joey had her first Oreo cookies this month. She loved them, but didn't like the mess so much. It was no surprise that she adored them, as they're both Eric and Rye's favorite cookies. I don't think they'll be an all the time thing, since they are so messy. But every once in a while is cool.

More pigtail pics. These pigtails are way cuter than the ones I posted last month. I put these in her hair for a trip to the park. She loves to swing but her hair is always getting blown into her face. So I tried these out to see if they would help. She didn't keep them in long after we left the park but they served their purpose. She looks so adorable. This first picture is a typical 'Jo in front of the camera' picture. She can't stand more than 2 pictures...then she gets erictated. This was the 3rd picture.
Isn't she just the sweetest, cutest thing you have ever seen.  Her smile is so infectious and so is her laugh.  She does the 'sucking in air' kinda laugh.  It is too cute.

Three random pictures over the last 2 weeks.
Rye and Jo being sisterly. They can be so cute together, and so maddening. I love watching their relationship develop.
This is the Lonestar State Cheesecake I made. I saw it on Cooking for Real on the Food Network and I just had to try it. I actually made the Steak Fajitas from the same episode and those were yummy too. This was my first time making a 'real' cheesecake. I used a spring form pan and everything. It turned out so so good. I will definitely make it again. I am going to try a pumpkin cheesecake next. Mmmmm.
Here is my newest tattoo. It translates (as far as I know) to "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine" in Hebrew. I might need to make a couple of adjustments to it. I really like it and I wanted to get it in Hebrew because, from what I've found online, that's the language Song of Songs was written in originally.  There will be more tattoo pics to come.  I am thinking of getting another this paycheck.  I have an addiction.  Sorry Aunt Georgie!
These are a few pictures I took of Joey today. She saw me grab the camera and started going, "Chee, chee." so I had to take a few pictures, since she never wants them taken of her.
This is her after I said, "Pose for Mommy"

I am now listening to her sing Twinkle Twinkle with her DVD.  So sweet!


Layla said...

That's a cool tattoo, Iv'e seen it on some celebs, it's such a beautiful saying. E is gonna be stoked! I'm still trying to get a recent pic up on my blog, soon I promise. We miss u guys!

Heather said...

ahh love the pics.

Layla said...

forgot to tell u, before we left HI I made a lemon cheescake with a gingersnap crust, it was sooooo good almost as good as the reeses one I made in VA. Look for the recipe online it was delish!

Danielle said...

i remember when we gave liz her first oreo. it was not's a tip, dont give it to her in the car! but she looked so dang cute! i had taken apic with my cell phone be that was over 3 years ago so i dont have it sad!

i love the pics and you will have to make the cheesecake when you come home!