Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

I am blown away, my eyes even started to tear up.
My front walk is horrible. It is completely over grown. That was to be one of my projects. I am not a 'gardening' type of person. Point of fact, I HATE IT!! When I got home from the park today, the guys that do the grass everywhere had weed whacked that area. They usually don't touch it here. I thanks them like a billion time on the way to the door. I was going to save me so much time when I actually got around to doing the rest. I guess when they did some cutting in the back they cut our hose back there. It never gets used, so I didn't care. They brought a hose over to replace it and I told them it wasn't necessary. But thanks for the offer. Well....I just walked out to put some recycling in the bin out front and noticed that my walk was wet. I thought to myself, "Did it rain?" But no, my car wasn't wet. On my way back I actually looked at the side of the walk...they'd taken out more of the weed type bush that was in there, cleared out bits of 'whacked' grass and trimmed up this 'tree' by the door so it wasn't sticking into the path. It actually looks nice now. Then it looks like they'd watered it and rinsed off the path.
I know it doesn't seem like much but, even here, I'm almost crying. That area was such a burden, to even think about tackling. I am so relieved and so thankful. I am completely at a loss.


Jenny said...

Good things happen to good people!

Heather said...

Ah that is so nice. YOu should make them cookies or something to thank them.

Danielle said...

how awesome! you should write the command of the base or someone to find out who to write to to give them your appreciation for going out of their way.

Layla said...

Welcome to Hawaii, that's the aloha spirit I'm always bragging about. I have something comming your way. We miss u, xoxo