Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Waimea Falls

Okay, we took a trip to Waimea Falls up on the North Shore. It was really pretty. Lots of bug bites though. Must remember bug spray next time. These pictures are all jumbled up, sorry, I'm not very good at the putting them in order on here. Haha. 4 families went on this excursion. I have some more of the other kids but they were all turned sideways. Maybe I'll put them up later. There aren't alot of Rye with us because she wanted to be off with all the kids. You can swim at the falls, so Eric took Rye out. She had a blast. I'd definitely go earlier in the day if we go again.
Eric & Rye are on the left getting closer to the falls, Eric said it go harder to swim the closer you got. The current really pushed you away.
Must keep hydrated

Malinda, Charles & Austin
Rye getting ready to go in
Jo sitting with me watching Daddy & Rye swimming
The group at the top was with us. Charles parents, Austin crying, Charles & Sasha, Malinda, Chucky, Madeline & Emerald, then Dustin in orange. I do not know the people closest to me.
Rye wanted her goggles for a bit to see under water.
Dustin, Rye & Chucky
Getting ready to trek 3/4 of a mile to the falls. Rock on!
Jo and Rye
Eric packed up with our picnic snack
Taking off
Gwen lent us a hat for Jo, it was a little small
She really hates when I pull out the camera

Hehe, she looks so tiny in this picture
A partial family picture in this tree covering in vines. Rye was off running with the kids.
Lots of scenery pics below!


Michelle said...

You look hot in that pic!!

Heather said...

man I don't have internet for 2 days and I come back on and you have a trillion posts.
You hear mom is getting a Wii (for the fit thing) You should bring some of your games with you.