Sunday, July 01, 2007

Double Dilemma

So, I'm having some conflicting things going on with me right now. Nothing life altering, just little things that I'd like to figure out.
First, I'm thinking of cutting my hair. I know they say you're not supposed to do things like that while you're pregnant...but it's not as if I've never had short hair. I don't hate my hair short, I don't hate it long. I've been thinking about it for a while. I have a tendency to grow my hair out then cut if off, then grow it out then cut it off. It's just on of my things. And this time I would have my bangs with it which I think would look cute. So I'm setting up an appointment. Regardless of whether I cut it or not, I need a trim at least. So I gotta figure this one out before my appointment comes up, I'll figure that out tomorrow.
My second dilemma is that I am having iffies about the name Evelyn again. It's not that I don't like the name...I do. I like the nick name too. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Brenna. I don't know why...maybe is because it sounds so Irish to me. I know that DaddyMac loves Evelyn, but I've never been as into it as he is. Do I just give it to him? I feel like things like this always go his way...but darnnit *stamping my foot* I want mine!! That was me throwing a tiny baby fit. Please excuse. I haven't really brought it up to him yet. Not sure if I should. I don't know what to do...I just thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone can tell me anything that would help.
On another note, our vacation is going very well. We're calling about getting our plane tickets changed tomorrow so we can fly out of a closer airport. Please say a prayer that it's doable and affordable. Blossom starts her day camp tomorrow and is so excited. It's all she can talk about. I remember the first year we took her she didn't want to go. She's growing up so fast. We did a little shopping and got some good deals on some summer stuff for her. We've loved hanging out with the family and will miss being able to see them on a semi-regular basis. I really hope that people can come visit us while we're there. Maybe it'll make living on an island so far away from family a little more bearable if I have visits to look forward to. We had a lil good news...DaddyMac will be around for Seedlings birth. Woot! he will be leaving for a month of training shortly after the expected due date, but shouldn't be heading out until early '08. This is such an answer to prayer. My MIL may come out when we have the baby which would be do helpful, especially with helping make sure Blossom doesn't feel left out. My SIL pointed out that maybe his leaving for training could get me induced a little early so that he'll be around for sure for a little bit before he leaves. I am all for reasons to have the baby a little early. I had Blossom 2 weeks early and I really can't picture going full I'm already having trouble breathing. I get out of breath so quick and I'm only 22 weeks, I can't imagine how it will be toward the end.
Alrighty, I'm starting to ramble and Seedling is apparently getting sick of me sitting up as she is kicking the crap out of my waistband.
"Ooohhh, she's gonna be a socca playa!" Movie, Name It!?


Layla said...

I feel your pain about the name. I'm in the same boat, but I'm giving in to the buck. I think it's kinda special that buck will pick her name. It can be there special bond. I'm also itching to cut my hair. I'm feeling the rhianna circa umberella look, but I feel like short hair will accentuate my awesome fat face. OK maybe I should email you instead of leaving a novel on your blog.

Heather said...

:) I can relate to the name...I waited for the perfect moment to spring the name change on Brian..right after Lily was born I held her in my arms and thought she looked JUST like a Lily. As I was saying so, Brian agreed and so she was named! Timing, my friend :)
Oh man...I don't know about the hair thing..I agree nothing drastic while you are will regret it during post part.
I can't name the movie! :) Heather

Beth said...

Do you even have to ask? Billy Madison. Sheesh. A little challenge would be nice.

Yeah, I feel ya' on the name change too. I like Ezekiel, but it's not my first choice. But, The Hubster is THE MAN, so it's his choice, I guess. Plus, I think "Whom God makes strong" is a pretty darn good meaning for a name. So, Zeke he will be.

I also feel ya' on the hair thing. You talking about it is making me wonder if I should cut mine. Especially since that question is always running through my head. But, I won't, because I know I will hate it. At least I know myself now, after 28 years of bad cuts.

But I think you should cut yours. I don't think it would be a "drastic" thing for you. Just a part of your hair cycle, if you will. Go for it, girl!

Do it. Do it. Do it! DO IT! (Movie. Name it!)