Sunday, July 08, 2007

Movie Fun! (now edited)

So, I stole this idea from my little sister. I thought it would be a fun post to do. I did 8 instead of 7, thought it might be easier to figure out because it's on her list too. So here we go...
Okay, here's how it goes. First, I thought of seven of my favorite movies . Then, I went to IMDb and found the plot keywords for those movies. I'm going to list the keywords below, and you have to try to guess what the movies are. You can leave a message in the comments section with your guess.
As you guess the correct answers, I will post them in a different color.
#1: Audition / Ballet / Bulimia / Dance Studio / Homosexual
#2: Gymnastics / Bloopers during Credits / Championship / High School / Plagiarism
#3: Mafia / Murder / Chicago Illinois / Drag Queen
#4: Male Female Relationship / Enemy / Heroine / Comic Opera / Gilbert & Sullivan
#5: Christmas / Concert Scene / Dance / Choreography
#6: Beautiful Woman / 1960s / Sequel / Bomb Shelter / High School
#7: Monster / Dracula / Horror for Kids / Mummy / Vampire
#8: Contract / Military / Appliance Store / Drummer / Folk Song / Push Ups
Ok, let me know what you think they are...I'm sure they'll be pretty easy to guess. I like this game, even though I sucked at it with Boo's. In my defense I didn't see it until a few days after it was posted and I saw Dani's answers before I had formulated my own. Okay, enough is enough...bye!


Beth said...

#1 - Center Stage
#2 - Bring It On (is it sad I had to ask my hubby the title of this one?)
#3 - Oh, that one you told me about. With the two chicks. And the drag queens. I can't remember the title....
#4 - Uh, no clue....
#5 - Again, no clue....
#7 - Grease 2

Okay, there are my guesses. Am I going to feel really stupid not knowing those other ones? I probably will. Anyhoo...there you go.

Beth said...

Comment (now edited):

#6: Grease 2
#8: Oh, you know I know. But I won't tell. 'Cause it's too easy. Don't wanna' spoil the fun for the rest of them...

Randy said...

"I play a lot of cards...Wanna see my hand? (flashes cards) You gotta be quick! You gotta be quick with me...I'm from Erie, PA."

- Lenny of The Oneders

Beth said...


I finally figured it out. And put it on my NetFlix!