Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Front Runner

So, we seem to have a front runner in the whole baby name thing. I can't promise anything but it looks like we're heading toward Josefine. It's a name that we ALL like.
DaddyMac likes the family meaning of it.
Blossom likes that we would prolly use Joey as her nickname, just like a baby kangaroo.
And I like it because it's my favorite character in the book Little Women.
Also, an added bonus... it means God shall add, which is just what he did for our family.
So, nothing is definite...but it looks like this might be it. We'll still use Mae for the middle name and we'd either call her Jo or Joey.


ScrapFairy said...

Cute I like it. Not that it really matters what i think, but still thought i'd share my opinion.

Beth said...

Well, I know it matters what I think, so I'll give my opinion. I love it.

The Hubster asked if you were going to use the nickname Josie. Or do you dislike (read: HATE) that nickname for some reason or another? Just curious. I kinda' thought Josie was cute...